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At Groovebox, each team received a box of truffles. Each truffle was in a candy cup that had a number on the bottom. There were also numbers on the bottom of the box. The dividers in the box made a 3 x 8 grid.

The first step to solve this clue was to shuffle the truffles by carefully rearranging the truffles so that the right candy cup was in the right rectangle in the box.

After doing this, the teams had to notice that a 3 x 8 grid, can give you 4 braille characters - each being displayed in a 2 x 3 grid. The truffles that are rolled in powder sugar act as the braille dots. By looking at just the powder sugar truffles as braille dots in a 2 x 3 grid, teams got "Go To".

But teams had to do a bit more work to know where to "Go To". On the inside of the lid was a piece of paper that had a picture of Chunk doing the truffle shuffle and some text. The important part of that sheet was the ingredients list. Each item in the ingredient list resulted in another set of braille dots and four more letters - the first four being "Go To" from the powder sugar.

The next item on the list was the filling - semi-sweet chocolate vs. white chocolate. White chocolate filling resulted in another set of braille dots. The truffles stayed in the same order, but this time the teams had to bite into each truffle to see what color the filling is. If the filling is white, it represents a new braille dot. This gives you four more letters - "MENL".

The next ingredient was nuts - almonds to be precise. Again, the truffles stay in the same order (they only shuffle in the very beginning). This time they use the presence of almonds as their new braille dots. This gives them four more letters - "OPAR".

The next ingredient was coconut. The presence of coconut gives them a new set of braille dots and a new set of letters - "KKEP". The coconut was difficult to taste in the ones that also had orange flavoring, but the cocunut was visible and resulted in a different texture.

The next ingredient was orange extract. Naturally, the presence of orange extract gives them their final set of braille dots and their final letters - "LERS".

Resulting in the final message: Go To Menlo Park Keplers.

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