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This flyer (PDF) was handed out as the first clue at Twin Pines Park in Belmont. The flyer has two boxes on the bottom. The one on the left lists a bunch of house names followed by their street addresses. The one on the right has a list of sponsors with the tag line "Speak their names with pride". This was a phonetic clue. If you read the sponsor names out loud, each name had a number in it somewhere. For example fortunate has a 4 in it - "FOR-tunate". To solve this clue, take these numbers and index into the sponsor name. For example, the 4 indexed into fortunate would result in a "T".

The solution is "Go To Groovebox" and was solved by:

Gr-EAT DogsG
Pogo Cali-FOR-niaO
Lieu-TEN-ant Dan'sT
St-ATE Grower's Assoc.O
C-ATE-ring CarnivalG
Soccer Clas-SICSR
Rocket TU-nesO
Athletes Po-TEN-tialO
Avery's TU-lipsV
FOR-eign CinemaE
Candy Ba-SICSB
Ca-NINE GroomersO
W-EIGHT ExpectationsX

Groovebox is listed in the house list with the address at 1653 Carleton Ct. Redwood City, CA.

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