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David/Chip Bags

Michaelangelo's David
At Kepler's teams were given a statue of Michaelangelo's David with an inverted package... if you know what we mean.

Teams had to break off the offending piece and discovered a roll of multi-colored chip bags taped together. There were 2 distinct strips of taped pieces. The pieces measured 1 cm * x cm's and were taped end to end. Teams had to index the length of the piece of bag into the name of the type of chips.

For example:
a 4 cm strip of a Lays bag would result in an "S"
a 3 cm strip of a Doritos bag would result in a "R"

The longer strip contained:

7cm strip of a Cheetos bagS
5cm strip of a Doritos bagT
2cm strip of a Lays bagA
4cm strip of a Corn Nuts bagN
3cm strip of a Ruffles bagF
5cm strip of a Fritos bagO
1cm strip of a Ruffles bagR
1cm strip of a Doritos bagD

The shorter strip contained:

2cm strip of a Doritos bagO
3cm strip of a David Sunflower seeds bagV
2cm strip of a Lays bagA
5cm strip of a Ruffles bagL

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