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Game Log:

12:30pm: Truffle Shuffle - Coconut?
1:00pm: Truffle Shuffle - confirmed.

2:36pm: Stanford Oval/Hoover Tower - confirmed.

4:10pm: Fratelli Deli Menu - got right numbers, indexing into wrong thing.
4:17pm: Fratelli Deli Menu - confirmed.

6:30pm: $50 - confirmed.

8:45pm: Bully Blinders - it's Braille
9:00pm: Bully Blinders - confirmed.

9:45pm: Bullet Holes - confirmed.

12:40am: Ice Cream - confirmed.

1:47am: Bats - confirmed.

3:10am: Water Pipes - confirmed.

4:00am: Math is Hard - confirmed.

5:40am: Wallets - arrange N/S sounds good.
6:30am: Wallets - confirmed.

8:20am: Dynamite - confirmed.

8:40am: Wishing Well - use heads/tails.
9:10am: Wishing Well - confirmed.

10:17am: Pinchers of Power - confirmed.

11:16am: The Octopus - confirmed.

1:57pm: Play the Bones - told to use goods/perfects to modify sheet music
sometime later: Play the Bones - skipped.

5:08pm: Mikey's Marble Bag - confirmed.

7:24pm: Index Card - explained solution.

7:45pm: Finished!

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