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Game Log:

11:45am: Truffle Shuffle - orange and coconut are different.

12:00pm: Michaelangelo's David - yes, break it.
12:25pm: Michaelangelo's David - confirmed.

1:05pm: Stanford Oval/Hoover Tower - heading to Hoover Tower.
1:30pm: Stanford Oval/Hoover Tower - need to find transparencies.
2:10pm: Stanford Oval/Hoover Tower - confirmed.

3:20pm: Fratelli Deli Menu - look at the title.
5:30pm: Fratelli Deli Menu - big hint.

6:22pm: Bully Blinders - confirmed.

6:55pm: Bullet Holes - asked if it was a dart board?
7:25pm: Bullet Holes - measure in centimeters.
7:47pm: Bullet Holes - confirmed.

8:30pm: Ice Cream - see UCB (?)
9:35pm: Ice Cream - verified order of flavors.
10:30pm: Ice Cream - confirmed.

11:35pm: Math is Hard - asked for help, not given a hint.
sometime later: Math is Hard - given a hint (call details lost)

1:55am: Wallets - Logo is significant, one letter on each card.

2:38am: Dynamite - asked if they should light the sticks?
3:20am: Dynamite - verified flame colors.
3:45am: Dynamite - problems with trinary.
3:48am: Dynamite - confirmed.

5:45am: Pinchers of Power - asked if they solve two sets separately.
6:05am: Pinchers of Power - confirmed.

7:00am: The Octopus - told this is a tactile clue.

8:30am: Play the Bones - yes, modify the music.

11:12am: Finished!

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