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Goonies Trading Cards

Index Card
Throughout the Goonies Game, teams received trading cards which depicted characters and scenes from the Goonies movie. At the beginning of the game, teams were encouraged to trade cards with other teams, in an effort to collect them all.

Their final clue, at Los Trancos, was a trading card that was an index for all the rest of the trading cards. The only problem was the name of each card on the index card was an anagram. Teams had to use the cards they had collected throughout the game to unscrambe the card titles on the index.

After doing this, only one character in each card title remained in the same position - in both the scrambed version and the unscrambled version. For example, the first title on the index was:

leh ateftrils

which unscrambed to:

the fratellis

The only character which stayed in the same position in both titles was the "s". By following this process for each title on the index, teams got: Seven seven six tolman dr. stanford. Which is where we were, awaiting teams.

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