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Mikey's Marble Bag

Mikey's Marble Bag.
At Pescadero State Beach, teams found Mikey's marble bag which contained One-Eyed Willy's rich stuff. The rich stuff was actually translucent polyhedral dice of varying colors. Each die had one of its numbers colored in either red or black. Upon closer inspection, teams also found a canvas map sewn into the inside lining of the marble bag. The map had a row of colored circles on the bottom which corresponded to their set of dice.

First teams had to put the dice in order according to the circles on their map. Then they had to either add or subtract the colored number on each die from the number of sides of that die - based on whether the colored number was red or black. If a four-sided die had its 2 colored black, teams had to add 2 to 4, getting 6. Indexing into the alphabet this resulted in an "F". An eight-sided die with its 4 colored red would mean teams had to subtract 4 from 8, getting 4 which indexed into the alphabet as "D".

The final message read: Old Haul Wurr Rd

On the map, teams found the intersection of Old Haul Trail and Wurr Rd, in Pescadero Creek County Park.

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