The Goonies Game
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Play the Bones

Play the bones.
At Bonny Doon Beach, teams found a keyboard, decorated with bones, ready to be played. They also received a CD and sheet music. If they tried to play the sheet music on the keyboard, the LED lights above spelled out, "Please solve the clue". On the CD was footage from a game of Dance Dance Revolution. The dancer wasn't very good and only occasionally successfully landed a good, great or perfect.

The goods, greats and perfects only occurred when a single up, down or right arrow occurred. Teams had to use this feedback from the game to shift the notes on their sheet music. Starting with the first note, teams had to shift the note up or down based on how the dancer did. If the dancer landed on a right arrow, then teams had to shift to the next note. At the end of the Dance Dance Revolution sequence, teams had reached the end of their sheet music.

When teams played this new music on the keyboard, the LEDs spelled out "cove at Pescadero State Beach".

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