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Pinchers of Power

Pinchers of Power.
At Neary Lagoon Park in Santa Cruz, teams found two pinchers of power - chattering teeth.

Each tooth on the bottom row of teeth had a letter written on it. Each tooth on the top row of teeth had a number written on it. This clue was a simple play on words of "pinchers of power" - using power as exponentials.

Teams had to take the letter on the bottom row and convert it to a number based on its index into the alphabet (ie. A=1, B=2, etc). Then they took that number to the exponential of the number on the top row.

For example, the first letter on the bottom row was C. The first number on the top row was 4. This converted to 3 to the 4th power or 81. Mod this number by 26, gives you 3. Index into the alphabet and you get "C", as your first letter.

Repeat for each column of teeth and you get: Cave at David and West Cliff Dr.

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