The Goonies Game
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Booby Traps (dynamite)

Wooden Lock Box in Macdorsa Park
In Macdorsa park, teams found 3 sticks of (fake) dynamite. If teams lit the dynamite nothing happened. Instead, they had to open up each stick of dynamite. Inside were perfume vials.

Each vial had a colored liquid (either red, green or blue) and had a color sticker on them (either red, green or blue). The vials were numbered 1-17.

Playing off of the dynamite idea, teams had to light the liquid on fire. The flame, from each vial, burned a different color (either red, green or blue).

For each vial, teams had three colors: the color of the sticker, the color the liquid and the color of the flame. The three data points from each vial resulted in a three digit base three number, with possible values from 1 to 39. The actual numbers only ranged from 1 to 26 which could then be indexed into the alphabet to give you letters.

The vials spelled: Cowell College UCSC.

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