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Chester Copperpot's Wallet

Chester Copperpot's Wallet

Chester Copperpot's Wallet.
At Lexington Reservoir, teams found Chester Copperpot's wallet. It contained:

a Chester Copperpot ID
a Lou Gherig baseball card
and 25 business cards

The ID and baseball cards were elements from the movie and could be ignored. The business cards were the actual clue.

The 25 cards were for various adventurer-type stores. The only thing common from card to card, was that each business was located in a city in the Bay Area - more precisely along 101. Teams had to sort the cards so they were ordered north to south along Hwy 101.

After sorting the cards, the top card was the only card that contained a business logo. The logo was a shovel and pick whose handles formed a prominent "X". This logo was a hint to teams that they should look for "X's on all the cards. All the cards had an "x" somewhere on the card - in the business name, in the person's name, in the address, etc - except for the last card.

Teams had to overlay adjacent cards and look for the letter underneath each "x". For example, when the first card was overlayed on the second card, under the big logo "x" (on the first card), was an "M" (on the second card). When the second card was overlayed with the third card, the letter (on the third card) under the x (on the second card) was an "A".

By iterating throughout the entire stack of business cards, teams got: Macdorsa Park Scotts Valley.

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