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Water Pipes

Water Pipes
At Blossom Hill Park, teams found a bag of "water pipes" - essentially colorful pieces of pvc. The bag contained:

a red pipe
an orange pipe
a yellow pipe
a green pipe
a blue pipe
a purple pipe
a brown pipe
a black pipe
a white pipe
a red elbow
an orange elbow
a blue elbow
a green elbow
a red tee
a blue coupler
a green coupler
a red coupler
a white cap

On each piece of pvc were a series of letters in different colors.

Inside the black pipe were two rolled up pieces of paper that contained instructions (PDF) for how to put the pieces together. The instructions came in the form of a pseudo state machine. Teams had to find the one path through the diagram that led to the end state, while using all the pieces in such a way that they could physically be put together.

After putting the pieces together, teams had to figure out which letters to use. They started with the white cap and took the letter that was of the same color as the piece that connected to the white cap - in this case, the red pipe. Teams moved along the length of their pvc creation, picking letters from each piece based on the color of the piece that connected to it.

The final message read: Go To 101 Cherrystone Ct. 95032

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