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Ice Cream

Park across from Shark Tank
In the park, across the street from the Shark Tank (officially the HP Pavillion), teams found 51 pints of ice cream. Teams quickly noticed that no flavor repeated. Each pint contained fake ice cream, of one of five colors (red, green, blue, yellow, purple), and with one of five smells (cinnamon toast, apple pie, lemon chiffon, melon, raspberry).

The teams had to put the containers in alphabetical order by flavor and then solve as a cryptogram - using the combination of color and smell as a unique item. Five colors and five smells result in 25 combinations - enough for most of the alphabet.

For example, red ice cream with lemon chiffon scent was A, whereas red ice cream with apple pie scent was B, and so on.

The cryptogram solved to: Look behind Santa Clara University sign at entrance.

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