The Goonies Game
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Bullet Holes

SUV in front of park
At the Berryessa Community Center, each team received 2 pieces of paper and a transparency. One paper was a picture of an SUV. The transparency had bullet holes (each hole was labeled at least once) which overlayed onto the suv picture. The other piece of paper was a list of bullet hole number/label, trajectory, and approximate distance from shooter. There were 2 sets of bullet holes listed on the information page.

To solve the clue, teams had to start at a bullet hole and draw a line with the angle of trajectory (in degrees) for the same distance as the distance from shooter statistic (in centimeters -- it was up to them to figure out to use centimeters).

Each set of bullet holes resulted in a picture. One was a shark. The other was an army tank. Teams had to figure out that they were supposed to go to the Shark Tank (where the San Jose Sharks play). When they got to the Shark Tank, they recognized that the photograph of the SUV was actually taken at the park across the street. Their next clue was waiting for them in the park.

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