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Stanford Oval/Hoover Tower

Stanford Oval Structure

Sloth Feet

At the Stanford Oval, teams saw a 10ft cube made out of pvc piping with red, yellow and blue cloth flags strewn throughout. On two sides of the cube, were beach balls, one sitting on the ground and another atop a ladder. Nearby on the sidewalk were chalk feet that read "Sloth was here." On closer inspection, teams noticed that written on the pvc were the following phrases: "Change your perspective", "Get high", "Go away" and "You shouldn't be here".

If teams stood in Sloth's footprints, and used their medallions (that were handed out at the beginning of the game), they would notice that the medallion lined up with three edges of the structure. If they looked through One-Eyed Willy's eye (in the medallion), they saw the observation deck of Hoover Tower.

At the top of Hoover Towere, teams found transparencies (PDF). The transparencies had a series of segments to be used together with the cloth flags on the structure below. Each segment contained two colored circles which matched the beach balls in the oval and a line that was the same color as one of the cloth flags on the structure.

From the top of the tower, if teams lined up the colored circles on the transparency with the beach balls on the ground, the colored line on the transparencey lined up with one end of a piece of cloth of the same color in the structure below. Between the cloth in the structure on the ground and the line on the transparency, they formed semaphore letters (PDF) (in the pdf, the brown segment was actually yellow).

The transparency had to be used from the right angle (atop the tower) to get the circles to line up, and the cloth to appear at the correct angles. For example, a cloth that was hung at a 45 degree angle on the ground, looked vertical from atop the tower.

By lining up each segment on the transparency with the cloth on the structure, the semaphore spelled out: Fratelli Deli, PA.

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