The Goonies Game
Behind the Scenes

Ice Cream

Read the clue description first.

We made the ice cream out of vegatable shortening, powdered sugar and corn syrup - the same recipe used to make fake ice cream for many advertisements. We scented the ice cream with candle fragrances. We used the following fragrances:

The cinnamon toast scent proved to be the most unpleasant. It didn't smell anything like cinnamon and had an overwhelming butter smell. Lemon chiffon was extraordinary strong and was much like household cleaners.

Besides the candle fragrances, the ice cream was perfectly edible. Although we didn't recommend eating it and thus stuck Mr. Yuck stickers on the container to deter teams from tasting the ice cream.

We really liked the idea of using the combination of two factors to make up a cryptogram (ie. five colors and five scents give 25 combinations). This was actually one of our earliest ideas and we were sad to see it used in the Band-Aid clue in Fobik. But we liked the idea enough that we decided to go with it anyway. Kudos to Snout for coming up with virtually the same clue idea.

We ate many pints of ice cream for months before the game. There were 51 unique flavors in total.